Biography Mounir Aboulasri



Mounir was born for the stage and to be in the spotlights.’’. This was said by a scriptwriter. ‘’His way of working is what we call ‘’sponge-behavior’’. He absorbs everything and executes it, seemingly, effortlessly. Mounir should be centre stage.’’


And that’s exactly where he wants to be. Acting, to him, is not just about learning lines and doing a trick. It's about changing your personality. You learn about the background of the character, and slowly you become this person. This leads to a transformation. Your acting only becomes believable when you believe in this person, who you are and where you come from.


Mounir Aboulasri is a passionate guy, who is always smiling and lives in Rotterdam. Besides an actor, Mounir is a real ‘’peoples person’’. He works in a youth center as a youth worker and sports teacher, to support and stimulate ‘the youth of today's’’ to help create their own talents and choose their own direction in life. It is an intense job full of great moments but also has its setbacks. ‘’But,’’ Mounir starts, ‘’such is life.’’  


And with about that, he is absolutely right. Mounir finds it challenging to play roles that come close to real life. ‘’To play a character that is not a caricature, that is so much harder, but therefore much more satisfying.’’ So Mounir says. ‘’You can easily hide behind playing a ‘nutcase’ or a ‘drunk', but to play a regular dad, employee or passerby is much more of a challenge than you might think.’’ 


Mounir started acting with the Youth Theater Hofplein Rotterdam and then moved on to Rotterdam Center for Theater with the youth group Wespennest, to learn more, and above all, act more. He gained a lot of experience in theater acting at a young age, which shaped him for the rest of his career. In 2011 he entered the acting class ‘’Acting in front of the camera’’ with Jamel Aaatache. After several workshops and courses, Mounir kept developing himself as an actor and. In 2014 he started at Josja Hamann (Le Pavegnon Theater and Television school in Amsterdam'. The theater will always be his first love, but recently he also started focusing on film and TV. In 2014, Mounir played in six different short films. Because he was noticed, he got a supporting role in the film 'After the rain'. The feature film "After the Rain" was screened at the Eindhoven Film Festival (premiere) Bodinale Festival (Berlin) and filmapalooza Chinese Theater in Hollywood (USA). In 2015, Mounir has a supporting role in the international film 'Out for Vengeance "see more information on IMDB. 


Both as an actor and person, Mounir can be seen as a spontaneous and inspiring person, who loves to show that off in the spotlights. To him, acting is showing an interest in humanity, quoting Meryl Streep;

"I'm curious about other people. That's the essence of my acting. I'm interested in what it would be like to be you."


Biography written by Jeroen C. Muts